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You want to leave a legacy, make an impact.


But the little things along the way are tripping you up on that journey.

Want to move faster and farther?


We can help.


You’re a creative, mission-driven visionary who needs someone who will listen and ask the questions you haven’t thought to ask yourself.


Your Legacy
Motivation.  Legacy.  Impact.
  • Clarify Your Purpose
  • Design a LEGACY Goal
  • Fine-Tune Your Rhythm
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Four hundred years from now, they may or may not know your name, but your work will still be there in some way. 

You hope to live a live that makes a deep, positive impact on culture. 

You're a personal growth junkie preparing yourself for a rapidly changing world. You want someone to collaborate with,  to understand your goals, and focus a path to achieve them. Together, we can transform your life so you can lead in all the ways you dream of.

--Adam G. Fleming, PCC

 Dad. Legacy Coach. Author. Trainer.  

About You
Being motivated to make a change is more important than knowing what change to make. Chang
Your Space

Empty. Confidential.

Intangible. Useful. 

...We make a vessel from a lump of clay; it is the empty space within the vessel that makes it useful. 


We make doors and windows for a room; But it is these empty spaces that make the room liveable.


Thus, while the tangible has advantages, it is the intangible that makes it useful.

-- Lao Tzu

A quiet space, like the hollow inside the papaya, is a place for seeds of an idea to hide.

Our job is to make you welcome, to use fewer words.

Your Space
Marble Surface
Your Time

Coaching is your time. It isn't a chance to show off how much we, as coaches, know.

We are here to ask questions about your adventure, and your legacy that you've never thought to ask yourself.  We use a creative and collaborative process, focused on your stated goals and objectives, as the focus for conversation. No off-the-rack coaching programs. Our personal style is fun, encouraging, and taps into your experience.

How will you use our time together? 
If you're not sure, don't worry. We'll help.


Being motivated to make a change is more important than knowing what change to make. Chang
Your Time

There is no calamity like not knowing what is enough.

- Lao Tzu

Let's Talk
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