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Listening & Coaching Skills for Busy Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals

We all need to ask better questions and become better listeners.

This course will teach the seven things you should be listening FOR, and you'll get guided practice listening for those things.

After increasing this skill, we'll dive into the nuances of better questions, so that as you consult, sell, or teach you'll also be able to deploy some of the same skills that professional executive coaches use every day. 

We do not recommend this class if you want to become a professional coach UNLESS you want to dip your toes in the water before investing in a more intense training program.  

Engage every class session with your best, and you WILL become a better listener and ask better questions. We'll guarantee it. 

BONUS: Many of our students report improved communications with family and significant others, as well as skills for the workplace. 

Instructor: Adam G. Fleming, PCC

Critical Details

We've redesigned this course with the busy professional in mind. Join our learning community for only 1 hour per month over 18 months of growth! These are live sessions with an experienced trainer and a small group of classmates (no more than 12 per cohort) and you won't want to miss any of them. Video recordings will be made available afterward. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is good for students with perfect attendance throughout. 

Cost: 1 hour per month of your time plus your choice to practice between classes. Price: $1000 upfront or $65 per month for 18 months. Register with 50% down to reserve your spot, 12 seats max.

The button below will take you to a Stripe page where you can pay $500.

You may use it twice to pay the full amount. Call or email us to set up monthly payments and to find out when the next cohort is beginning. 

Alternative: want to bring this course to your company? We can run it in 18 months or 18 days. We can even do this 18 hour program with you over a 3-day onsite retreat! Same course, any pace, tailored to your team's needs. 
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