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We offer one-on-one coaching for you or your team, workshops to help teams dive in deeper with organizational skills, courses for individual leaders (group or online self-guide) to improve leadership skills, and values mastermind groups. It's not a one size fits all operation, and we help to find the right way to help you become a better leader, and your team to be a more cohesive group.

As coaches we offer one-on-one coaching for individuals. Whether a business owner, C-Suite executive or a team leader in an organization, one-on-one coaching can be one of the best ways to build strengths and minimize weaknesses. Coaching helps to shine light on the unseen issues, to better move forward through transformation. We help you become a better leader, of your life and within your work environment.


Listed below are current offerings. We also would like to offer a conversation to customize a training, course or mastermind to fit your needs.

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Listening For Leaders

We all need to become better listeners if we want to ask better questions.

This course will teach the seven key things to  listen FOR, as well as help in a guided practice in order to listen for those things.

After increasing this skill, we'll dive into the nuances of better questions, so that as you coach, consult, sell, or teach you'll also be able to deploy some of the same skills that professional executive coaches use every day. 

We do not recommend this class if you want to become a professional coach UNLESS you want to dip your toes in the water before investing in a more intensive training program.  

Engage every class session with your best, and you WILL become a better listener and ask better questions. We'll guarantee it. 

BONUS: Many of our students report improved communications with family and significant others, as well as skills for the workplace. 

Instructor: Adam G. Fleming, PCC, with guests.

Critical Details for Listening for Leaders Course

YOU WILL NEED A PARTNER! We've designed this class with built in accountability-- you can't complete most of the lessons without meeting with a partner (which you may do via phone or Zoom). Please do NOT buy the course unless you know who your partner will be. We are not setting people up with random partners at this time.


We've designed this course with the busy professional in mind. Join our learning community for 21 hours of instruction. You can complete18 hours at your own pace with your partner, and you'll also need to book 3 hours of Zoom calls with Adam.

Alternative: want to bring this course to your company? We can run it online in 18 months or 18 days. We can even do this as an 18-hour program during a 3-day onsite retreat! Same course, any pace, tailored to your team's needs. Contact for custom pricing for larger groups.
Begin today: 

Cost is $650 per person. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is good for students who complete the entire course. 

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Additional Offerings

Custom Designed Assessments, Training and Coaching for Corporate Teams

We will specifically design an ideal program for you and your team. What is your greatest need?

Workshops, mastermind groups, team coaching, courses, programs include:

  • Listening/Communication skills

  • Sales Conversations

  • The Adaptability Quotient

  • Understanding Yourself First

  • It takes A Team, based on Susie's experience in climbing

  • and many more

One-on-One Coaching

We work with you individually. We are here to help you live your best life, improve your skills, and to expand your company's vision.

The Power of Servant Leadership

Work with us to become a better leader.

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. We you become a leader, success is all about growing others." - Jack Welch

First, and foremost, we must grow ourselves. As we do, we can begin to be great leaders for others. Start with this training on how to grow into the leader you want to be.

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Assessments can be a way for a client to self evaluate to bring to light strengths and weaknesses. For individual, groups or organizations.

Core Values Index

Understand yourself and your team better by understanding your innate traits. 97%+ test/retest accuracy.


Understanding yourself and those around you by understanding what activities will tap into a person’s core energy (be energized at the end of a work day rather than exhausted.)

Hiring solutions. EEOC compliant. 

Restructuring: Get the right people in the right seats.


Adaptability Quotient (AQ) assessment and debrief offers the increased ability to adjust to changing conditions. 

Team assessments: use data science to determine which of the 17 aspects of Adaptability could use improvement. Offer activities to solve for growth. Retest to prove metrics.


DISC assessment tool is used to predict job performance by categorizing individuals into four personality traits. The assessment identify motivators, helping to improve personal relationships and/or teams helping communication, productivity and conflict management.  The assessment measures interpersonal behaviors. Debriefing by one of our coaches is essential in recognizing not only the personality traits, but how to move forward using the strengths.

VIA assessment is used to shine light on character strengths, in different degrees, giving you and your team a character strengths profile. Boost confidence, increase awareness on strengths, strengthen relationships, help in conflict management, and much more.

Positive Intelligence

Find out your saboteurs, what holds you back. This assessment identifies on a cellular level how the brain developed into survival thoughts. Our thoughts continue in this pattern until we make a conscious decision to change the path our thoughts have been developed. We can change how we think, and thus help to overcome our fear, flight or freeze responses. Move from a place of reaction to a decision of discernment. Once you know how you judge the world around you, you have the power to change. A coach works side by side to help you uncover and overcome your sabotours to become a more compassionate, and intentional leader, and individual in all decisions. Fortunately, we are learning more and more about neuroscience, how the brain works, making choices to better our businesses, teams, families and ourselves.

It's a Process:
Courage through Cold Calling in order to get to an Agreement

This workshop is lead by Adam Fleming and Susie Young-Tatum. Their leadership and sales skills and experience helps a company gain traction from the first initial conversation with a prospective client until the agreement. Most individuals have a fear around cold calling. In this workshop, you'll find ways to overcome your fears, balance the sales process in order to get to a desired outcome.

Throughout the sales process, listening is an essential component. Couples with Listening for Leaders and Courage through the Cold Call process, as coaches, we help to empower you, your team and your company to greater success.

Intercultural Coach Training

Are you interested in becoming a certified coach, but don’t want to invest over $10,000 USD to get there? Do you want to coach, and make sure to do so in a way that’s effective, helpful and ethical, no matter where your clients are in the world? If you're already coaching, do you want to be prepared for when the practice of coaching may become regulated by government entities? Do you want great training from a team of coaches with global experience? Do you want to use coaching skills as a professional, either to build a coaching business for yourself or to work internally as a coach in a corporate setting with a multicultural team?

Strategic Planning for Corporations

Work with us to strategically map out how you, your company and your team will accomplish long term and short term goals. We work with you in the strategic planning process to create a roadmap for your company. Designed for small to medium size corporations, working with Business Owners and Corporate C-Suite individuals.

Transition Reset Course

Transitions in life can be difficult. Going through a divorce can be one of the toughest times in life. This course offers support and group connection in order to get through the divorce process, and after, to move forward in a healthy and intentional way.

The course meets weekly for 4 weeks, 90 min each week, to help women get clarity and a plan in moving forward. This course helps to empower a woman who wants help through the divorce process.  The course is lead by Susie Young-Tatum, CPLC, CHBC. 


If you are a man going through a divorce, currently we work one-on-one coaching you through the process. Our course is designed for women only.

For more informtion, go to

Principles of Leadership: John Maxwell

VALUES are the beginning of our decisions making process. Working with one of John Maxwell's leadership books, this mastermind is designed to provide a space for open discussion and learning of principle values.

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