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We're Certified: accountable for professional standards and ethics.

We're Experienced: thousands of hours 1:1 helping professionals gain perspective, get creative, and move forward.

We're Available: If you want to book a training or workshop in Davenport, Delhi, Dubai, Dublin or anywhere else, get in touch with us.

You get results: Our world-class, bespoke coaching and training methodology encourages your world-class growth. 

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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Adam G. Fleming, PCC

Experience coaching by working with a coaching industry professional who has a 15-year proven track record working with clients in corporate, solopreneurs, artists and others in creative work, and in the nonprofit sector as well. No matter what the client's situation is, Adam comes alongside people to help them grow their companies; improve communications with their employees, customers, and prospects; develop as leaders, and improve time management and work/life balance. Perhaps the most important work is when our clients are building culture: in the workplace, in cross-cultural settings, and in their families. 

Adam G. Fleming is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.  He earned his leadership coaching certificate in 2009 through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (Virginia Beach, VA).

Since 2009 Adam has been trained in and is able to recommend a broad variety of assessments and tools.

Adam loves to hike, travel internationally, write novels, and spend time with his wife and four children.

Marble Surface

Susie Young-Tatum, CPLC, CHBC

High Performance/High Impact

Executive Leadership Coach

Susie is an Executive Leadership Coach, working with gifted leaders looking for high performance–high impact results. She works to help clients individually, or in group coaching, to improve leadership and decisions making skills, while being more intentional about their lives.


Susie has been a coach and trainer for almost two decades, helping to inspire others to go beyond what they believe possible. She has reached the summit of the highest mountains, including Mt. Kilimanjaro and Nevado Ishinca, (each over 18,000 ft peaks). She continues to travel, climb, and explore beautiful areas of the world. She shares her experiences through her speaking engagements.


Susie is a Certified Professional Life Coach, (ICF) and a Certified Human Behavior Consultant.  As a gifted leader she understands the responsibility and importance of leading a team by example. During college, Susie was a cheerleader for the University of Nebraska, held significant positions in her sorority and continued leadership roles within business organizations. She has a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance. After college she entered the financial industry as an insurance broker, in Omaha and Chicago, working for what is currently known as Willis Towers Watson.  Susie is an expert negotiator, and a skilled facilitator.  While a broker, she was a Vice President specializing in property and casualty coverages for banks and financial institutions, mid-size manufacturing companies, and hospitals and doctor’s groups.  

From 2005 until 2011 she owned a nutritional business where she trained a team of over 3800 others in the same business. She graduated from an ICF Certified Coaching school in 2012. Susie is a

  • certified John Maxwell Coach,

  • certified as a DISC Assessment Human Behavior Consultant,

  • trained in Adler Leadership,

  • Christian Coach Institute Group Coaching,

  • Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), and is

  • an expert in Positive Intelligence, (P-IQ).

In 2020, she and two colleagues started Coach Collab, LLC, a community of highly trained and professional coaches. It is a robust community of over 850, mostly ICF certified, coaches.  

To learn more about Susie, go here.

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Entrusted to provide coaching for corporate leaders at...


Jon Osborne | Vice President, Commercial Marketing - Sports Medicine Americas, Smith & Nephew.

Working with Adam for nearly a year has transformed my approach towards my work and my team.  Adam has opened my eyes to the fact that managing an $850M business in an ever-changing world requires external help, strategy, and coaching.  He always asks the right questions that extract the deeper insights, which lead to clear methods of action for success.   Adam's mix of wisdom and empathy (supported by a keen sense of humor) has made our working relationship extremely productive.

Maged Maher, Owner, Pledge Communications, Cairo, Egypt

I had a great opportunity to be coached by one of the most professional and humble coaches I have ever met. Adam helped me find my path regarding my purpose in life, my role towards my team and finally towards keeping life rituals for success. Adam coaches smoothly. As a client I felt I was guided without any kind of interference or domination; Adam is so deep in understanding, diagnosing and defining what exactly are the matters affecting his client. As a brand consultant, I always entered the sessions with lots of ideas, challenges and aspirations. Adam led a lot my thinking pattern and helped me take one step at a time to make all things happen in time. Thank you, Adam for such experience. Please reach out for Adam as a one-of-a-kind experienced coach; you will gain insights, guidance and a dear friend. 

Suzan Wells

small business owner

Susie Tatum is one of the hardest working women I have had the opportunity to do business with. She has such a strong work ethic and she shares her diligence with others in order to create strong teams. She is a natural born leader who has a great capacity for caring about others. I am proud to be associated with Susie.

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