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More about Adam:
Certifications And Cultural Experiences

Experience coaching by working with a coaching industry professional who has a 15-year proven track record working with clients in corporate, small biz, main street, lifestyle business, and in the nonprofit sector as well. From solopreneurs to C-suite corporate leaders, we've come alongside people in many stages of their development as a leader to help them grow their companies; communicate with their employees, customers, and prospects; and improve time management and work/life balance. Most important, however, is the work our clients have done to build culture: in the workplace, in cross-cultural settings, and in their families. 

Why hire a certified coach?

If a coach invites you to be accountable, why wouldn't they also be accountable to a professional organization for practicing coaching ethically and according to professional standards of excellence?

Adam G. Fleming is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.  He earned his leadership coaching certificate in 2009 through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching in Virginia Beach, VA.

Adam has taken many additional coach training programs since, including:

  • Certified Change Fitness Practitioner - The Change Gym

  • Core Values Index certified

  • Cerney-Smith Cross-Cultural Assessment certified

  • Certified Coach Trainer, CMI Programs.

  • Mentor Coach, CMI Programs

  • Adaptability Quotient


Culture: Adam's cultural perspective also comes from living outside the U.S., in France, Zaire (now D.R. Congo), Cote d'Ivoire, and Egypt, plus extensive travel around the world.

  • Traveled to 21 countries and more than 40+ US States

  • Favorite beaches: Senegal, Thailand, and Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Favorite mountain: The Rock of Gibraltar

  • Favorite foreign city to visit: Alexandria, Egypt, for the food, sightseeing and especially my friends!

  • Coolest vacation with the whole family: Muscat, Oman

  • Most welcoming people: Asyut, Egypt

  • Weirdest foods: deep-fried scorpion, "yuck" (Chiang Mai, Thailand) "bush meat" with rice and so much red pepper, "um" and "hot" (Cote d'Ivoire); eggs, fries, chicken liver and mustard in a baguette, "better than it sounds", Dakar; conch and barracuda with plantain "truly amazing" (Belize).

  • Fave Street foods: pad Thai in Thailand, falafel and beans with eggplant in Egypt, and beignets (donuts) and fried plantain in West Africa.

  • Nicest hotel: are you kidding? I don't stay at nice hotels. K.T. Guesthouse in Bangkok is pretty great for the price (about $20 a night, with A/C), clean, quiet, comfortable, and simple. Has a good pool, too.

  • Best BnB: Casa da Fernanda, Lugar do Corgo, Portugal

  • Best one-day self-guided tour: Tangier, Morocco

  • Best Hiking: El Camino de Santiago (Portugues)

  • Worst place to get stranded by an airline when the travel budget is already used up: Sevilla, Spain

  • Bucket list: Ireland, Greece, Italy, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, South Pacific islands and more.

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