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On the 
Camino de Santiago

Finding Inspiration at Every Yellow Arrow

Burned out? Need to rethink it all? Sensing a change of seasons coming? Want to spend time exploring your purpose? Grieving a significant loss? Or just hungry for a different kind of adventure? 

Maybe it's time to prepare for a serious sabbatical. 

Motivational Listening International offers an exclusive sabbatical coaching and travel experience, open to a maximum of eight men in 2024, with a major travel component: a hike on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route October and November. Register by June 1, 2024. 


Portugal and Spain

Adam leads a group:

What: 4 months coaching (group and personal 1:1 meetings) July to October, leading up to a 160-mile pilgrimage hike on the Camino de Santiago. Plus 2 months follow up coaching, December 2024 through January 2025.

When: Arrive Porto on October 24. Depart Santiago November 7 or 8. 

Where: Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

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To set an appointment to discuss the next cameno adventure, please book an time on my Adam's calendar by going to  for details.
After the conversation Adam send you a FREE copy of his new book Old Roads, New Friends.

Our Team:
World Travelers

We live outside the box.

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Marble Surface

International Experiences

Our team has international experience, whether walking the Camino de Santiago, summiting Kilimanjaro, hiking and climbing with teams in Peru, coach and leadership training in Egypt, living in Africa, coaching clients in Australia, sailing the Mediterranean, workshops in Belize, Cairo, and so many more. 


Our experiences can help you and your organization with leadership and team training, and help explore great leadership experiences.

We believe life is meant to be lived outside the box. In order to do this we need to step into our fears, lead with confidence and bring others along with empathy, compassion and strength. We all have choices in how we live our own lives, influences on others, and how we leave our legacy. Being a servant leader is not easy, but it's worth it. Especially when we have to opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others.

We provide coaching for individuals or teams on the needs-of-the-client basis. We do workshops, trainings, courses, masterminds and individual coaching with clients around the globe.

We will travel or can provide services online in many parts of the world.

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