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Intercultural Coach Training

Welcome! We are now interviewing applicants for our Fall (2021) Cohort until September 19.



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You're welcome to join us for a chat to answer any questions you have about our training program. No pressure, no obligation. You may use the calendar here>>>>>

Are you interested in becoming a certified coach, but don’t want to invest over $10,000 USD to get there? Do you want to coach, and make sure to do so in a way that’s effective, helpful and ethical, no matter where your clients are in the world? If you're already coaching, do you want to be prepared for when the practice of coaching may become regulated by government entities? Do you want great training from a team of coaches with global experience? Do you want to use coaching skills as a professional, either to build a coaching business for yourself or to work internally as a coach in a corporate setting with a multicultural team?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then...

Welcome to the 2021 Intercultural Coach Training Course!

As Adam mentioned in the video above, this class is not for everyone and we're pre-screening candidates. The next step is not to buy anything, it's to get approved to take the class! There are two steps to this process.

1) Please read the PDF here. This should answer many of your questions before your interview.

2) After you've read through this information, you'll want to set an appointment for an interview. We welcome that! You can do so here.

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