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Mentor Coaching Group (MCG): Register by December 1, 2021

IMPROVe your Listening Skills (IMP) register by Feb 1, 2022

Marketing for Coaches (MFC) register by Feb 1, 2022

Basic Coach Training Starts April 11, 2022. 

Next cohort of ICC scheduling soon!

  • Intercultural Coach Training (ICT) 80 hours     $3600

As our Signature offering, the ICT bundles BCT, ICC, and IMP (see below) with a 10% discount

  • Basic Coach Training    (BCT)   60 hours                                                             $3000

This training is for students interested in credentials from the International Coach Federation as certified coaches.

  • Mentor Coaching Group (MCG) 10 hours                                                          $1250

Prerequisite: 60 hours of coach-specific training, i.e. BCT. Mentor Coaching is one of the final steps credentialed coaches must take before submitting for their certificate with the International Coach Federation. 

  • Listening for Leaders (LFL) 18 hours                                                                   $1200

This training is for change leaders, entrepreneurs, and owners who want to improve their listening skills but do not need certification. LFL students attend the first 18 hours of the BCT (see above). 

  • Marketing for Coaches (MFC) 6 hours                                                               $1000

This training is for coaches and consultants interested in learning the basic principles of marketing which will apply even as social media platforms rise and fall. 

  • Intercultural Communication    (ICC)  14 hours                                                   $600

Take ICC as part of our signature offering, or a la carte to improve your understanding of values and communication with those from other cultures. 

  • IMPROVe your Listening Skills  (IMP)  6 hours                                                     $400

Take IMP as part of the signature offering, or join us for a series of fun improv games and debriefs that will help you improve your ability to listen Great for those who are already practicing coaches.

Still not sure which is right for you? Set a free interview appointment today. It is to our advantage to help you find the program that fits your needs; we will not sell you training that isn't a good fit for both of us. Make sure to check our calendar for deadlines to register for the next class.

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